Data Protection Policy

Data Sharing

By default, the measured data will be stored locally (i.e., at your web browser) and you will be asked if you are willing to share the results. Specifically, the users will be given three different data sharing options:

Based on what data sharing scheme the users would choose, the web browser extension will reward them by sharing back the average performance metrics for all Starlink users (i.e., across the globe) or local Starlink users (i.e., with a specific region/city).

During this measurement study, we will not ask the users for personally identifiable data (e.g., name, email, etc). Also, any sensitive information collection (e.g., location) will be anonymized and we will ask the users if they are willing to share this data for research purposes.

Data Management

If the participants are willing to share the results, the following are the set of data that we will be collecting:

In each case, we will not be associating these acquired data with any particular individual’s identity. Each participant will be known only by a randomly generated user ID which is not linked to any offline identifier.

Users will be able to request that their data be removed, by emailing us.